I find it extremely exciting and a most wonderful honor to not only create the 'storybook' of a couples Wedding day, but to also preserve the memories of the emotional journey that will be responsible for interpreting their tale for future generations. 

I search intently for those special and rare moments between loved ones. The times when you spot each other through a crowded room or laugh out loud with your family and friends. These are the defining moments that will give the emotional dialogue to your story. Without this you just have a picture book.

I’ve always been really ambitious and studied hard at Art School with the knowledge that one day I was going to do something that really fulfilled me and made me happy. I started my career with a degree in Graphic Design & Photography and this led me to be one of London's top Art Directors.

I followed a successful career path for 25 years that took me all around the world on fabulous photoshoots. Working for various high-end fashion, interior design and lingerie catalogues and magazines, ending up as a Senior Art Director for Marks and Spencer before I went freelance.

I can now utilise this experience in all my area's of Photography. It enables me to be confident with my creativity and comfortably convey and direct that information to you in a way that puts you at ease in front of the camera.

I'm overwhelmed with how lucky I've been to photograph Weddings all over the world for such wonderful couples, across Europe and even as far afield as New Zealand.

I'm also quite accustomed to working for clients that require a higher level of confidentiality.

I now spend my time between London and the UK south coast where I live with my husband and two little boys. I'm regularly invited to Universities to lecture on various areas of Photography and Design. I also hold training sessions across the UK to both new and experienced photographers on developing the craft of photography and gaining confidence using techniques for posing and creativity.


I'm looking for people who 'care' about great photography. You know what looks good and you'll appreciate the hard work and creativity I put in to ensure you have the most perfect images possible.

For Wedding couples, your looking for a photographer who will not only record and document your special day, capturing all the important events and split second moments as they happen, but also creating an emotional narrative, a true record of the drama and 'feel' of your wedding day.

You'll be able to look back on your beautiful photos in years to come and still 'feel' the ambience and atmosphere. The laughter and craziness of it all. Those significant moments when you felt a certain way, showing the emotion in your eyes, your pose. The touch of a hand, the impression of awareness between you both in a crowded room. 

Its my role as your photographer to compose your story as conclusively as possible and in such a way that you'll be proud to show off your photos, even if you've never liked having your photo taken before. I won't make you feel uncomfortable or awkward. My background is in Art Direction and Design so I'm used to making people feel comfortable and look gorgeous in front of the camera.